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  • How to build a brand identity as a brand new team
    You created a real estate team because you wanted to offer customers a unique service, and you do. You probably also sought to take others under your wing, and help them to excel like you have. Most importantly, you wanted your clients to understand that you have a solid group of agents who share your […]
  • 10 things to consider before paying for a video tour
    Expensive, Hollywood-style property promotion videos are non-starters for most homes and their real estate agents. That doesn't mean a well-planned video home tour — which acts as a virtual 24-hour open house — shouldn't be part of your marketing plan — especially because effective video tours are likely to be less costly than you may […]
  • ICNY 18: Welcome to C.A.R. WomanUP!
    "... it turns out that the more women there are on a team, the better the team performs; and it doesn't stop at a certain level -- all-female teams are more effective, efficient, productive than all-male teams," said Leslie Appleton-Young of the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) onstage at Inman Connect New York ...
  • ICNY 18 Data: Why is creating a national MLS so difficult?
    California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) CEO Joel Singer, NorthstarMLS CEO John Mosey and Bright MLS COO Brian Donnellan take on this hot topic at Inman Connect New York ...
  • Need help grasping cryptocurrency? John Oliver breaks it down
    "If you choose to invest in the cryptocurrency space, just know that you're not investing — you're gambling," Oliver said. "Which is fine but you should know that that is what you're doing." ...