Thinking About Buying a New Construction Home? These Are the Benefits

Thinking About Buying a New Construction Home? These Are the Benefits

When you’re buying a home, one of the early decisions you’ll want to make is whether to buy a new construction home or a pre-owned home.

And while both options can be a great move depending on what you’re looking for, new construction homes can offer some advantages over pre-owned properties.

So what, exactly, are those advantages?

recent article from REALTOR outlined some of the key benefits of buying a new construction home, including:

  • New homes rarely need repairs. When you invest in new construction, everything is brand new—the roof, the flooring, the appliances, the fixtures. Because everything is brand new, it should be in working order—and if it’s not, it’s generally covered by the home warranty—which means you won’t have to spend time, energy, or money on repairs, which are common when you purchase a pre-owned home.
  • New homes can be customizable. When you buy a pre-owned home, what you see is what you get. But If you purchase a new construction home in the early stage of construction, you can often customize the final design (for example, by choosing flooring, paint colors, finishes, and fixtures). And when you move in, everything will be exactly as you want it.
  • Lower maintenance costs. Again, everything in a new construction home is new, and with brand new plumbing, electric, and heating and cooling systems, your maintenance costs will likely be significantly lower than if you buy a pre-owned home, particularly in the first few years of ownership.

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